(WTNH)–Dr. Emma Seppala of Madison wants you to be happy, as so many aren’t, and don’t know how to achieve that. Seppala has degrees from Yale, Columbia and Stanford. At those high-achieving places, she saw all around her people pushing for excellence to the detriment of their own happiness.

Seppala doesn’t just write about happiness. She backs it up with all kinds of research. Her book “The Happiness Track” is just coming out.

“In terms of vacation the U.S. has less vacation days than any other country, but despite that fact, most Americans don’t take all of their vacation days and 91 percent of people who do are checking their work email during that time,” Seppala said. “So you’re really looking at a problem. There’s this idea that you have to be constantly working, constantly focusing, but then again if you look at the research, it’s detachment from work that will make you feel more engaged.”

“It’s being able to take time to be idle, to daydream, to do different kinds of things, different activities. That makes you more creative and innovative,” she said.

For more, visit her website at www.emmaseppala.com.