BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – In an ad during the Super Bowl, McDonald’s revealed a new initiative just before Valentine’s Day which will afford some lucky customers a new way to play.

According to the ad, at certain times during the day, a cashier may present a customer with the option to pay for their meal with an act of “Lovin’.” In their one minute commercial, they show several options, like complimenting a family member, dancing, fist bumping or giving a hug.

But for many who are looking to be a lucky customer, the option to pay with Lovin’ may be more illusive than McDonald’s says.

According the fast food company, each participating restaurant will be giving out meals to 100 customers over a 12 day span from Feb. 2 through Feb. 14. They say customers will be randomly selected, and they expect each meal to average at $5.60, and each restaurant to give out about $560 in food.

The trick to being one of the lucky customers will be going on one of three days which the corporate offices have slated for an increased number of prizes – Feb. 2, Feb. 3 or Feb. 7. Each of those days is slated for a larger percentage of customers presented with the new payment option.

Cheat sheet per restaurant:

Monday, Feb. 2 – 35 free meals **

Tuesday, Feb. 3 – 20 free meals **

Wednesday, Feb. 4 – Five free meals

Thursday, Feb. 5 – Five free meals

Friday, Feb. 6 – Five free meals

Saturday, Feb. 7 – 10 free meals **

Sunday, Feb. 8 – Two free meals

Monday, Feb. 9 – Three free meals

Tuesday, Feb. 10 – Three free meals

Wednesday, Feb. 11 – Three free meals

Thursday, Feb. 12 – Three free meals

Friday, Feb. 13 – Three free meals

Saturday, Feb. 14 – Three free meals

** Indicates one of three days that customers are more likely to be able to pay with Lovin’.