How to keep your kids safe while they wait for the school bus


This week at least 5 tragic accidents at school bus stops across the country.

Thursday in Pennsylvania a second grader was killed while waiting at the school bus stop and earlier this week in Indiana three siblings were killed as they were about to board their bus. 

“Every time a tragedy happens like this bus drivers take it to heart”, says Brenda Bass, Director of Training for All-Star Transportation. 

She says close calls like these are a daily occurrence not just across the country but right here at home. 

“There’s a lot of distracted drivers unfortunately. People on their phones just not paying attention and I would have to guess in these cases it is probably that. It is kind of hard not to see those red flashing lights.”

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“When I see a bus and the lights are blinking I don’t move I stop and I wait but there’s other people who breeze right through them”, says Barbara Ragozzine of Ansonia. 
Bass says while you can’t control other drivers on the road it’s important students learn bus stop safety.

“The driver once they stop and activate those SOS lights that they make sure they check in both directions, front and back to make sure all the traffic has stopped and once they are sure it is then they make a head-nod to the students that it is safe for them to move towards the bus.”

Bass says never let a child walk along side the road and make sure they are at least ten feet back from the edge of the road.

“We do the best we can to keep your child safe but we need help out there from the motorist on the roadway and we need help from the parents to obey those rules..”

Parents say a fine for blowing through a school bus sign isn’t enough.

“They need to do something to make it a more serious offense, a more serious crime. There’s no reason for a child to be hit crossing the street when there is a buss there with the stop sign and the lights. no reason.”

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has released a detailed overview of school bus safety resources and tips. You can access the full overview by clicking here

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