One-by-one more than a hundred veterans and their supporters snapped to attention to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  The massive turn out Friday night on the Haddam Town Green was in response to a controversial video showing town Selectman Melissa Schlag kneeling during the pledge.   

“She can take a knee anytime but not when she’s representing the town,” said veteran Dennis Parent.  He attended the event with wife Susan.  “When I read about it I was offended,” Mrs. Parent said.  The couple has two sons who also served in Afghanistan and Iraq.  It’s for these reasons they’re against Schlag’s actions.

“But I know one of my sons would say we fought for her right to do that, for freedom of speech,” Mrs. Schlag told News 8’s Mario Boone.

We told you Tuesday Schlag said she began kneeling in protest of President Trump.  She released a statement at the time saying in part, “If people are not offended and worried by what the president did this week we have no hope.”

Veteran Ron Annino organized the opposition event, which included planting hundreds of American flags.  “We also, as veterans, have the right to respond to what she did and this is our response to that,” Annino said.