(WTNH) — While the drought is likely something on the forefront of your mind, peak hurricane season is starting right now. We are expecting the tropics to get busy of the next couple of weeks. So what are some of the resources you have in the state of Connecticut and what should you do to prepare for the next big storm? Let’s find out.

2012, Hurricane Sandy. 2011, Tropical Storm Irene. And on this date 25 years ago, Hurricane Bob. The damage, catastrophic. A sum of over $90 billion from those 3 storms combined, and just this week mother nature struck again.

“In Baton Rouge, some 40,000 homes were damaged, 30,000 residents have been rescued and 13 people have died,” said New Haven Mayor Toni Harp.

The weather can always catch us off guard, but lives don’t need to be lost when the next big one comes.

“We continue to strengthen and prepare New Haven,” said New Haven Emergency Operations Center Deputy Director Rick Fontana.

“Today, Connecticut and New Haven are more resilient and stronger then ever before, but individual homeowners need to harden their defenses,” said, Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Hardening your defense doesn’t need to wait until it’s too late.

“You can choose not to wait till the last minute to make sure that you have the basic supplies necessary to survive for a period of time during one of these horrific storms,” said Senator Chris Murphy

So, get ready ahead of time, and now is that time. Get an emergency preparedness kit, have an evacuation plan ready if you do need to leave before a hurricane makes landfall, trim the trees around your property, and most of all communicate with your family, especially kids about what to do.

While there is an increased risk of a hurricane in the Atlantic, it does not necessarily mean we will see a direct hit in Connecticut. If there is cause for concern Stormteam8 will let you know.

A great resource for preparing for an emergency is https://www.ready.gov/hurricanes where you can print a list of tips.