Husband and wife downsize to a tiny house


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Ever think about living in a tiny house?

Lots of people talk about them these days, but it’s another thing to downsize and do it.

Nina Lentini and her husband, Richard did just that.

They hired New Haven architect Colin Caplan and built their art deco-style two bedroom small home.

It’s under 700 square feet with high ceilings.

The New Haven couple says it’s plenty big enough.

“I think what’s going to happen is that people are going to look for spots that are challenging and create small houses on them…and even if you’re on a big lot and you want to have a small house, it has its benefits. [The] benefits are efficiency, economy of scale and intimacy.”

“This house happened to be very efficient in its materials. We used a lot of fiber board for the exterior. We used very simple materials on the inside like knotty, very knotty grade sea pine and that was the interesting thing. You said because it was a very low cost, because it’s got a lot of knots in it, well who would have thought you’d prefer low cost, right because it’s interesting looking.”

The only thing that the Lentini’s might add to their tiny home is a roof top terrace.

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