(WTNH) — Identify theft experts are renewing their call for everyone to protect themselves after an increase in hacks.

Howard Schwartz is Communications Director at the Better Business Bureau. He says whether it’s international hackers targeting America, or local hackers stealing the frequencies of the Seymour Police Department and broadcasting call tones, we can all be targets.

“A hack is a criminal entry, essentially instead of breaking in the front door, they are breaking into your wireless device and are sometimes a heck of a lot smarter than we are,” said Schwartz.

The Seymour Police Chief said the hack did not impact public safety at all. They’re still trying to figure out who the hackers are and how they got in, but meanwhile the common hacks are cell phones and computers. Schwartz says we can be the biggest problem, as sometimes we just let them in without knowing it.

“Recently Google and Apple had infected apps that made it to their App Store and Google Play, and people were downloading them and they were infecting their phones. Smartphones are a major target for hackers right now,” said Schwartz.

Hackers not only get in through Trojan apps, but Schwartz says they get in through free Wi-Fi networks.

“Wi-Fi works two ways. You can send things out and a signal can also come in and hackers know that so anytime you are using free Wi-Fi you should make sure you were on the network that belongs to the store or library or wherever else you are,” said Schwartz.

Limit data on phones, including your credit card and bank account information, as well as passwords and photos.