Guilford, Conn. (WTNH) — There is a big political showdown in the race for governor in Connecticut. The independent party endorsed Rob Hotaling Tuesday night.

The independent party state central committee endorsed a slate of candidates a few days ago.

But there were nominations from the floor pitting Republican party candidate for governor Bob Stefanowski and his running mate Laura Devlin against previously endorsed candidates.

Governor Ned Lamont and running mate Susan Byscewicz received a cross-endorsement earlier this month from the working families party.

The independent party endorsement can give establishment candidates running for governor and an advantage on election day.

Their names would appear on the ballot twice. During the 2018 election 25,000 votes were cast by people using the independent party line.

It can make the difference between winning and losing in a tight race. After the votes were counted it was a tie of 79 to 79. Breaking the tie and the chair. Rob Hotaling won and Republican Bob Stefanowski lost.

“So much partisanship that’s preventing real solutions from being solved real problems getting solved we believe the independent party represents that middle lane and allows us to engage with all sides both sides of the aisle in order to put together a real lasting change, said Rob Hotaling, endorsed independent party candidate for governor ”

The Stefanowski campaign says they will challenge the results as they do not believe it’s legal for the chair to vote twice.