NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Interfaith Service Day is back in New Haven.

The organization “IWagePeace” created the event, which brings churches, synagogues and mosques together to join Israeli and Palestinian youth for a day of community service.

More than 100 volunteers came out to tackle various community service projects throughout the city, including building for Habitat for Humanity, cleaning up local beaches and turning guns into garden tools.

“As you known we’ve invited our Jewish brothers and sisters, our Muslim, our Christian, our Bhai, our agnostic, our atheist – any one is welcome, that wants to come and serve,” said Bruce Barrett, founder of IWagePeace. “We do not have to agree on everything, to work together for justice and peace, that is the point. That’s our message.”

Volunteers also painted a 50-foot billboard mural on the New Haven green. It will be posted on I-95 to show their commitment to peace, health and justice.