Is it time to require back seat passengers to also ‘buckle up?’


Connecticut has had a mandatory seat belt law for 33 years, and research indicates that there is about 88 percent compliance. The law requires that all front seat passengers buckle up.

Violators face a $92 fine.

The law has been amended to include kids in the back seat and infants and toddlers in car seats.

Now, there is a proposal to amend it again to require everyone, of any age in any seat, including the back, to buckle up.

Republican Representative Mitch Bolinsky of Newtown has been pushing this proposal and thinks it will finally pass this year.

He added, “In my spare time, I’m a driving instructor. I work for the National Safety Council and I’m very, very much into understanding and preventing any death that is preventable.”

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And the research from the other states that have done this shows it can make a difference.

Bolinsky noted, “These passengers can become missiles and not only can they be ejected, injured on their own, but they can literally hurt or kill a person that’s restrained in the front seat.”

Democratic Representative Henry Genga of East Hartford has been trying for years to ban smoking in cars that contain children, but has had no success.  He thinks this proposal also makes common sense.

He said, “We’re going to save lives, we’re going to save medical injuries and we’re also going to reduce insurance premiums.”

Almost all the other states, 45 to be exact, require all back seat passengers to buckle up. AAA has endorsed this proposal, as has the insurance institute.

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