‘It is vital that the 25th Amendment be invoked’, says Sen. Blumenthal: Recapping the Capitol chaos on Jan. 6


(WTNH) — The nation is in mourning for slain Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who died from injuries sustained during Wednesday’s violent attack on the Capitol by supporters of President Trump.

The president has not acknowledged Officer Brian Sicknick’s death, but the White House released a statement which says in part, “Anytime a member of law enforcement dies in the line of duty, it is a solemn reminder to us all that they run toward danger to maintain peace.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered flags at the U.S. Capitol to be flown at half-staff in Sicknick’s honor.

After the colossal failure by law enforcement to secure the Capitol, the House and Senate Sergeants at Arms resigned. Capitol Police chief Steven Sund says he will also step down.

Some of the outrage leading to the resignations is how law enforcement allowed thousands of those involved in breaking into the halls of Congress, to just walk away, rather than arresting them. Efforts are now underway to identify and arrest those who participated in the insurrection.

Richard Barnett, the man who put his boots up on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk, has now been arrested.

After whipping up the angry mob and directing them to march on the Capitol, President Trump then condemened them in a new video afterwards,

“Like all Americans, I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem,” he said.

But a growing number of lawmakers are blaming Trump for inciting the attack on an equal branch of the U.S. government. Calls to immediately remove him from office are getting louder.

“This is urgent. This is emergency of the highest magnitude,” Pelosi said.

The Pentagon even confirmed that they have discussed the security of America’s nuclear weapons with Speaker Pelosi.

A growing number of Republicans are now suggesting they could be more open to impeaching Trump.

Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska told CBS, “I believe the president has disregarded his oath of office.”

Regardless, Trump will be out of office Jan. 20 when he hands over control of the White House to President-elect Joe Biden. But Trump won’t be there to see that transfer of power. The outgoing president confirmed what many have suspected for months tweeting, “I will not be going to the inauguration on Jan. 20.”

If Trump stays true to his word, he will be just the fourth outgoing president not to attend his successor’s inauguration.

The last to skip the ceremonial symbol of American democracy? President Andrew Johnson, some 152 years ago.

Speaking at a vaccine event at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy told reporters there are two options, and they support either one.

“It is vital that the 25th Amendment be invoked. The president has shown he is incapable of discharging his duties and the vice president could convene a the cabinet and vote to remove him,” Blumenthal said.

“The last thing I or anyone else want to be doing in the last two weeks of the president’s term is to be engaged in an impeachment process that is ludicrous I don’t know what other option we have,” Murphy added.

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