SHELTON, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s only April — but the folks at Jones Family Farms in Shelton are already preparing for Christmas.

They have been busy transplanting seedlings from their nursery to the 200-acre farm. The newest trees are planted where another tree has been harvested from the prior season.
They are quite meticulous in how the seedlings are planted to make sure these trees grow well over the next several years.

“I’ll make sure the roots sit in the hole—you don’t want them to come up like a ‘J’ because that will impact the growth of the tree. I hold the tree in place, then start putting the soil around it,” said a Jones Family Farm employee.

Every tree is then surrounded with mulch to help retain moisture and warmth. The trees are pruned by hand every year — ensuring these tens of thousands of trees are perfect when ready for harvesting.