GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – There is normally a rivalry between high school basketball teams in Connecticut, but this week one local rivalry went out the window and instead sportsmanship and kindness won the game.

On Thursday, Guilford High School had a game against Daniel Hand High School. The freshmen boys took the court in what is normally an intense sports rivalry between Madison and Guilford.

A player from Hand, Andrew Yahara, has Down Syndrome and it was his time to shine on the court.

Yahara went up for a basket but missed. That’s when Guilford’s Devin Ridley grabbed the ball and passed it back to Yahara so that he could try for another basket.

The crowd erupted when Yahara made the basket.

Guilford Public Schools released a statement saying, “both Madison and Guilford are proud to support inclusion in our schools and our sports programs because, as our young athletes showed us this week, when everyone gets a chance to play, everyone wins.