Kohl’s open for last-minute holiday shoppers


ORANGE, Conn. (WTNH) — Some shoppers are still looking for last minute Christmas gifts and at least one store is helping them out by staying open for three straight days.

‘Twas the day before Christmas and all the Kohl’s stores have now gone since early Saturday without closing their doors. Yes, it’s the 24th, these folks know the date, but some will only do their shopping this late.

Through all the long night, in customers did drift, looking for that perfect holiday gift. At this early hour, you think many folks would be surly.

“I’m up at 4 for work, so when I’m off i just automatically get up early,” said Paula Sogan of Milford.

So happily they shopped at all hours in the store. Happy too were employees, see the costumes they wore? Yes, Kohl’s staying open all hours is a hit.

“It’s convenient,” said Milford resident Tony DiNallo. “I come in, I don’t have to worry about a crowd and that’s it.”

It’s a department store, so pretty much everything’s here. People can fill up their bags and retain their good cheer. The alternative is more than some shoppers can bear.

“Beause I saw the mall and I said, ‘Oh no, I’m not going there,'” said Tommie Wehrle of Milford.

The hours they’ve worked here, it’s enough to amaze. By tonight, they’ll have been open for three and a half days.

They invite us inside to get the word out, and it’s a good idea. Here’s what I’m talking about: Velma Razor did not know, until I went on the air.

“I saw you on TV earlier this morning and I said, ‘Let me go there,'” said Tazor, a West Haven resident.

She and Jane Eager both bought pillows. They’re expecting some guests. For Eager, several pillows.

“And I can’t tell you the rest,” said Eager, of Milford.

She wants to surprise people with presents tomorrow. Ruining the surprise would bring only sorrow. Her shopping now done, she can rest for a bit.

“I’m going to go home, make the beds and that’s it,” Eager said.

At 6 this evening, they’ll close and go home. Workers’ limits have been put to the test. With all those long hours, they’ve certainly earned a long night of holiday rest.

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