Lamont and Stefanowski trade verbal blows in second head-to-head debate


Connecticut voters watched two candidates for governor once again take shots at each other during the second head-to-head debate between Democrat Ned Lamont and Republican Bob Stefanowski.

Lamont opened up his night at the Shubert Theatre in New Haven by attacking Stefanowski’s tax plan, saying that it would bring the state’s economy to a halt.

In his opening statement, Stefanowski continued a familiar theme of saying that electing Lamont would be similar to having a third term of Governor Dannel Malloy’s administration.

“Ned Lamont will deliver Connecticut a third term of Dan Malloy,” Stefanowski said.

Lamont was quick to distance himself from the current governor.

“…Actually, I’m the guy that ran against Dan Malloy eight years ago. Where were you?” Lamont questioned.

Later in the debate, Stefanowski said that he would lower the corporate tax rate to bring business back to the state. In turn, Lamont questioned how Stefanowski would be able to make these cuts and what specifically would be cut.

Stefanowski also attacked Lamont on transportation, saying that the Democrat would place tolls on the state’s highways. Lamont retorted that the tolls would only be for commercial trucks.

Other topics discussed included crumbling foundations and education.

Protesters clashed outside of the debate before it began as police stood between them.

Visibly missing from the debate stage again was Independent candidate Oz Griebel. He did not qualify based on polling criteria and maintains that decision is a disservice to voters.

The debate in its entirety as well as analysis before and after the debate can be viewed below:

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