Lamont/Dems want state version of Obamacare, Repubs outraged at last minute proposal


It’s a Connecticut version of Obamacare, right down to imposing tax penalties if you decide not to buy insurance

Governor Lamont and Democratic leaders said it will help many Connecticut residents and businesses.

Dominic Cotton of Milford wanted to shake Governor Lamont’s hand on Thursday. Dominic said he works 65 hours a week to pay a $1,650 a month health insurance premium with a $3,000 deductible for him, his wife and his young son, Michael, who has a rare medical condition that caused three hospitalizations in one year. 

Said Dominic, “Realistically, we need to make this fair for all families and all companies so that we can stay here in Connecticut.”

At a news conference to present the proposal on Thursday, Governor Lamont said, “This is a bill that gives us the best opportunity in a long time to expand access to people who don’t have access to affordable health care and bring down the cost of health care.”

The ‘Connecticut Option’ health insurance plan has as a goal to reduce premiums by 20 percent and reduce prescription drug costs by importing from Canada, as is being done by several others states. It would also make more people eligible for Medicaid.

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To pay for it, the plan would impose a surcharge on the insurance companies and place a tax on opioid manufacturers. Like the repealed individual mandate for Obamacare, the state would impose a penalty tax on people that do not buy insurance. The plan would be administered through State Comptroller Kevin Lembo, who said, “This thing we are doing today is the most significant thing we can do to help small businesses to grow and prosper in Connecticut.”

The Republican leader in the Senate, Sen. Len Fasano (R-North Haven), said this major change in state policy has been sprung on Republicans at the last minute with no opportunity for input.

He asked, “Governor Lamont says his door’s open, to who? People who think like him? People who he thinks he has to serve? Is that who the door is open?  Cause it’s closed to everybody else in this building.”

Senator Fasano was asked if he intends to filibuster this massive bill. He replied “We don’t filibuster, we just have a lot of questions.”


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