Gov. Lamont meets with Senate Dems, Senate Repubs to announce ‘no tolls alternative’


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Democratic State Senators found a lot that they can like about the Governor’s “CT2030” transportation plan but it’s quite clear not everyone likes everything.

The governor made his way through anti-toll activists at the State Capitol on Wednesday to make his pitch for his transportation plan to on the fence Democrats in the State Senate, spending more than two hours trying to make his case.

Afterward, he said, “I said, ‘I’m sorry I’m asking you to cast a tough vote. You’ve inherited a mess. This goes back 30 or 40 years, you’ve got a Special Transportation Fund that goes underwater in five years.'”

But it was clear afterward that there still are not enough votes for any plan that includes tolls.

“There, of course, was no agreement, no broad agreement on the funding source for the funding of that plan,” said State Senate President Pro tempore, Senator Martin Looney (D-New Haven).

For the anti-toll activists who mustered their loyalists on short notice to come to the Capitol, their issue is quite clear.

“We oppose the tolls,” Patrick Sasser of Stamford, a founder of No Tolls CT. “It’s a new tax on the residents here in Connecticut, and we feel that the taxpayers have paid their fair share here in Connecticut.”

Cathy Politi who came from Fairfield said, “We already pay enough in this state, and I want them to start not mismanaging our money anymore.

“The middle class might be able to afford it but the lower income…actually no one can afford tolls,” added Ellington resident Bill Chase.

“We can’t keep taxing our way out of everything that happens in Connecticut, we need accountability,” said Catherine Embriano, who traveled from Somers.

Governor Lamont’s response to the no tolls sentiment was this:

“I know we’d all love to put this off, I love delay, study it, how about a commission. That’s not our choice right now. I’ve got a plan on the table, if anyone has an alternative, speak now.”

Senate Republican leaders said they will try to make an alternative plan with no tolls on Thursday.

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