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Lamont says Stefanowski will “decimate” health care


Over 100,000 Connecticut residents without health care insurance have enrolled with the  Access Health CT system under the “Affordable Care Act” commonly called “Obamacare”. That has cut the number of Connecticut residents without health insurance almost in half.    

About 200,000 families have qualified for Medicaid under “Obamacare” expansion.   Pre existing conditions and contraception access have been guaranteed by a state statute.

Ned Lamont went to the Community Health Center in Hartford’s North End today pledging to continue these programs…and saying under Bob Stefanowski they would be “decimated” adding, “If a: Bob Stefanowski eliminates over half of our budget with dramatic cuts to Medicaid or if they roll back the funding protections under the ‘Affordable Care Act.”

Stefanowski has said he is committed to coverage for pre existing conditions but at last week’s debate he said “No” when asked if  “Obamacare” has helped Connecticut residents.

Advocates say that increased screenings and other health care have greatly reduced emergency room
visits and other uncompensated health care, saving money.

There are over 300 thousand Connecticut residents now receiving “Obamacare” benefits.  Lamont and his running are hoping for their votes.  “The other team wants to get rid of Obamacare and our state health care access program.  We want to keep it and expand it if we can,” said Susan Bysiewicz (D-for Lt. Governor).

In a statement, the Stefanowski campaign saying,  “Bob has made it clear that he will preserve protections for preexisting conditions.  He also thinks we have to be honest about the state of healthcare in Connecticut. Premiums have gone up, while the number of insurers in the marketplace has dwindled down to two. Connecticut is a state with unique challenges and strengths and we need a uniquely Connecticut solution to healthcare. As governor, I will work with the legislature and the federal government to promote competition, increase choices, and drive down the cost of healthcare.” 

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