Lamont says “you can’t take a pass”


Democrat Ned Lamont is turning up the heat on Republican Bob Stefanowski for saying he wanted to “take a pass” on the Kavanaugh question at this week’s debate.

Says Lamont,  “You can’t take a pass on this.  The Governor’s not just the C.F.O. of the state.  You’re also the leader of the state and people want to kow where you stand on issues like this.”

Lamont was joined by women’s advocates on the steps of the State Supreme Court condemning Bob Stefanowski for “taking a pass” when asked if he supported the Brett Kavanaugh nomination at Wednesday’s debate in a lighting round of questioning.

Lamont’s campaign has sent out a fund raising e-mail saying  “Connecticut needs a firewall against Trump and his Supreme Court.  At the debate Bob Stefanowski refused to say whether or not he supports Kavanaugh’s nomination.  That’s just another reason we have to ask you to chip in before Sunday’s critical fundraising deadline.”

News 8 asked Stefanowski if he regrets taking a pass on the question.  He responded by criticizing the debate.

“How do you have a question that important, sex abuse, as part of a one-word answer on a spin round?  I don’t think it was appropriate to ask it there.”

He had also made that point following the debate Wednesday night.

Lamont is quoting the Republican Governor of Massachusetts, a Governor Stefanowski says he admires.  Lamont saying, “Charlie Baker said ‘the accusations bought against Judge Kavanaugh are sickening and deserve an independent investigation at the very least.”

In further follow-up to that question, Stefanowski said,   “None of that is going to be controlled by the Governor of the state of Connecticut.  So I think serious issues like that should be part of an open two minute discussion not a three second lightening round.”

In that interview Stefanowski also reiterated what he said after that debate….that as the father of three daughters he is very sensitive to these issues.

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