Lamont wants Stefanowski to pull TV commercial


Ned Lamont called Bob Stefanowski’s latest TV commercial “false” and demanded it be removed from the air. Stefanowski says the commercial is an accurate rebuttal to misleading Lamont commercial about him.

Lamont said, “I think it’s a false attack on my wife and they should take that ad down now.”

Bob Stefanowski’s campaign has no intentions of pulling their latest commercial, saying Lamont’s TV spots are grossly mischaracterizing Bob’s business background.

“What happens if a businessman who bragged about outsourcing jobs, who profited from predatory loans to service members becomes Governor?” an announcer on a Lamont commercial questioned.

Stefanowski said his role as CEO in the payday loan business was to help transform the industry and provide responsible lending for consumers that needed a lot of help. Stefanowski’s attack ad claims Lamont profited from that same industry.

“Ned Lamont is attacking Bob Stefanowski on business issues. What a hypocrite. Lamont’s the one who personally profited off payday loans,” an announcer says during a Stefanowski ad.

The basis of Stefanowski’s attack ad is that Lamont’s wife, Annie, formerly worked at an investment firm where another partner made investments in payday loan-like businesses. That does not appear to be in dispute, but Lamont says neither he or his wife profited from the other partner’s investment.

Lamont said, “Annie did not make any investment they talked about. We did not profit from any investment like they put on that ad and she has started up her own fund and this is no longer a place she’s at.”

Lamont also said that neither he or his wife had any relationship with the partner that made those investments.

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