Las Vegas shooting survivor suing Torrington company


CJ Giampaolo suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder following the massacre in Las Vegas.

His father-in-law was killed in the tragedy.

Attorney Amanda DeMatteis with Garrison, Levin-Epstein, Fitzgerald & Pirrotti, P.C. said, “During the shooting, CJ’s father-in-law was murdered. His wife’s aunt and cousin were shot and the family had to shelter down in place. CJ creating a human shield over his family members while gun shots were ringing out.”

Giampaolo went to work three weeks after the shooting.

His attorney, Amanda DeMatteis, said he was a top salesman for the Torrington-based Elevator Service Company. 

According to the complaint, he began experiencing panic attacks, claustrophobia, sleeplessness and anxiety.

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DeMatteis added that he told his bosses he was diagnosed with PTSD, and that’s when he claims his work environment changed drastically.

DeMatteis said, “The complaint alleges ownership accused him of having a bad attitude. It alleges that ownership accused him of being different. Of course he was different. The lawsuit claims his bosses told him he had a ‘bad attitude,’ was ‘Different’ and had a ‘God complex.'” 

His lawyer said over a six-month period his earnings were cut and he was demoted.

DeMatteis said, “He was again told that his attitude has changed. He was accused of missing things for the first time in his career with ESCO.”

According to the lawsuit, Giampaolo, was told he should “suck it up,” and, “October has come and gone and you need to get over it,” explained DeMatteis.

Right now, the suit is in litigation.

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