HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — It appears that the highly debated “Cap the Rent Bill” may be dead.

A spokesperson for the campaign told News 8 that lawmakers decided not to include it on the agenda at the Connecticut General Assembly’s Housing Committee meeting.     

Tuesday would have been the last day for lawmakers to vote on it and push it past committee, and the ‘Cap the Rent’ campaign held a roundtable Monday, to have a discussion ahead of the deadline.

The bill would have capped rent increases statewide at about 4% plus inflation.

Last month, hundreds of people spoke out at a public hearing about it.

Landlords told News 8 that they opposed the bill, saying it would have made it hard for them to keep up with the costs of inflation and operation.

Instead on the agenda for tomorrow, is an act that would set up a task force studying the effects of evictions on landlords and rent stabilization policies.

News 8 reached out to a co-chair of the housing committee for comment on Monday’s development, but has not heard back.

“We don’t need another task force to study our communities’ suffering and pain — we need relief now,” Cap the Rent CT said in a written statement to News 8. “Decades of research and the nearly 200 jurisdictions that already have rent stabilization have shown us that rent caps increase housing stability, stabilize rents, and do not impact new construction. Rent stabilization and good cause eviction protections recenter our housing laws around our shared need for safe and stable housing, which is at the core of what we all need to thrive.”