Be on the lookout for more cybercrime during holiday season, FBI warns

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Cybercrime is a multi-billion dollar industry per year involving criminals stealing personal information and wiping out financial security.

According to the FBI, you can anticipate more of that happening this holiday season. It seems the spirit of Christmas can also bring out the worst in some people. At this very moment, thieves who are out to get to you are surfing the web.

Officials with the FBI outlined some of the cybercrimes you could face if you are not careful. They also offered suggestions on how to best guard against them.

“One would be refund scams,” Conor Phoenix, a supervisory special agent with the FBI said. “They will encourage people to download some software, log into their bank accounts. And whereas they might be thinking that they are due a $600 refund, the fraudster would transfer $6,000 from their savings account. The victim then believes they’ve been given a refund of $6,000, which they were not entitled to. The fraudster will make them feel guilty saying, ‘Oh, I’m going to lose my job. please send the money back to me.’ They will send their own money, not aware that they were victimized until after the fact. My advice is to stay to sites that you’re familiar with. If you receive an email that has a link in it, don’t click on that link.“

When it comes to cybercrimes, Connecticut is not the worst state, according to the FBI, but still, you should not let your guard down, particularly during the holidays.

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