WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – State and federal lawmakers announced a new grant to revitalize the city of Waterbury.

Changes are coming to the site of an old, dilapidated factory that has sat vacant for decades along the Southeastern side of the city. Waterbury’s new grant will clean up the location and create open space where the factory sat.

Today state and federal Lawmakers announced a new grant that will clean it up and create open space.

Yazemeni Vasquez Walks down south Main Street with her family every week and right by this old, abandoned factory that has been a wreck for decades. She is happy to hear this wasteland site is finally being cleaned up. 

“I’ve lived in Waterbury all my life back and forth from here and Naugatuck. I’m just really happy seeing everyone getting everything back together. Waterbury’s really getting their stuff together,” said Vasquez.

And she’s a not alone Robert Bell walks here frequently too. 

“It would be awesome to help out the community, it brings me joy,” said Bell.

Today City officials, state and federal lawmakers held a news conference announcing $150 thousand dollars from the “EPA Brownfield Grant” that will go toward cleaning up this site.  This means government funding will help clean up pollutants and contaminants and eventually knock down the nine buildings. 

“This money will be used to start to address those issues and most importantly demolish all the buildings, the roofs are caved in, they’re decaying they are a health and safety hazard for the kids in this neighborhood,” said the Waterbury Mayor. 

Nearly four-million-dollars will also go toward cleaning up other blighted sites in the Naugatuck Valley. Senator Chris Murphy believes this will bring jobs to the area. 

Senator Murphy As we clean up these brownfields and get them ready for redevelopment, we’re opening the pathways to literally hundreds of companies that want to be here in Waterbury. 

Lifelong residents like Yazemeni say this is a step in the right direction.

“I see them working on the roads, everywhere in Waterbury they’re working on something trying to make the good Waterbury great.”

The Mayor of Waterbury say the buildings will be torn down in the spring of next year and hopefully turned into green space in 2024.