(WTNH) – A significant effort is underway to raise awareness about Connecticut’s “Slow Down, Move Over” law.

In a show of support, New Haven’s police and fire chief and leaders from the Department of Transportation and AAA joined Senator Richard Blumenthal at police headquarters on Thursday.

Blumenthal announced his proposal on creating a national “Slow Down, Move Over” day to save a life. It was inspired by tow truck driver Corey Iodice, who was killed by a drunk driver on the Merritt Parkways in April of 2020 while helping another driver.

Iodice’s brother, Chris, a tow truck driver himself in Fairfield, spoke about the importance of getting the word out.

“It was tragic to lose my brother that way. We were third generation the two of us. We grew up in the tow truck. It was very important that we followed my father’s footsteps and it was heartbreaking to my dad that my brother was killed that way because that’s the worst possible way to get killed in our industry is to get run over on the side of the road helping somebody,” Chris said.

Experts say 65 people are killed on the side of the road while helping others every year in the U.S. “Slow Down, Move Over” day was brought before the Senate before the session ended. Blumenthal says it received bipartisan support. It will be taken up for a vote next month.