Lawmakers unveil Social Security 2100 Act


In case it’s not on your calendar, today is Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s birthday.

And to celebrate the President who signed into law Social Security, lawmakers are unveiling what they call Social Security 2100.

Democrats from the House and Senate and Social Security activists are pushing the legislation designed to increase benefits and keep Social Security afloat into the next century.

For many older Americans, Social Security is simply not doing the job.

“You cannot stand by and let five million people who are currently on social security live in poverty.”

Chairman of the Social Security Subcommittee, Connecticut Congressman John Larson says that’s why he’s introduced the Social Security 2100 Act to increase payments to older Americans.

“There will be a two percent across the board increase. no one can retire into poverty.”

And Nancy Altman, of Social Security Works says the bill also shores up Social Security’s finances.

“It brings in enough revenue by requiring millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share and to.”

A similar effort two years ago, failed to pass the House of Representatives, Larson says that will change with the Democratic majority.

But Republican Tom Reed of New York, also on the Social Security Subcommittee, is concerned about the cost of the Democratic plan.

“We need to potentially have conversations about backing that off and making sure that we do this in a wise way that doesn’t mean a tremendous amount of tax increases.”
In the Senate, Democrats expect to have a difficult time convincing the Republican majority to support the plan.

“Our Republican colleagues talking about cutting social security and cutting Medicare…”

“It’s not an entitlement program it’s an insurance program, but Congressman Larson sees President Trump as an ally on this issue…”

“It was President Trump that stood under the heat of battle in a debate with 16 other Republicans and said no this is not an entitlement this is an earned benefit.”

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