Lembo, Miller squaring off for comptroller


Comptroller is one of the most non-political roles in state government.

Along with the state treasurer, the comptroller deals strictly with the with finances.

This year, the two-term incumbent comptroller, Democrat Kevin Lembo, is running against Seymour GOP First Selectman Kurt Miller

“We have a very specific job, and the comptroller in Connecticut buys a ton of health care, runs the state’s core financial systems, pays the employees, runs all the accounts payable and then reports out to the people of the state of Connecticut and the governor and the legislature,” Lembo explained.

They both agree the role of the job is above political wrangling. 

“I always say to people that the comptroller is your representative in the budget process. It’s someone who should be an independent-minded thinker that represents you,” Miller said.

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One of the comptroller’s main roles is to send out monthly reports as to the financial health of the state, including where the state is in the budget compared to what’s been budgeted.

The comptroller also holds a seat in the bonding commission. 

At times, Lembo spoke up and opposed Governor Malloy and those in his own parties. 

“I stand up and disagree when I know it’s appropriate to do so and I also negotiate things behind the scenes before things even get there when necessary,” Lembo stated.

Miller believes Lembo should have done it more.

I understand the importance of having an outlying plan and a map to guide going forward. Connecticut doesn’t have that. Kevin really has no guide when he is pushing back against the legislature, when he is pushing back against the governor for what’s best to help us take care of these problems. 

In the end, both candidates believe they are best prepared to do the job over the next four years.

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