NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – The New Haven Tree Lighting ceremony would not be possible without the beautiful tree that is now on the New Haven Green.

“It’s just a beautiful tree. It’s how you knew you got to my house when you came up the street,” said Tracey Strickland.

Tracey Strickland talked about the huge Norway Spruce that had been in front of her home since she moved into the Cheshire neighborhood in 2005. Someone from a Cheshire nursery who has found trees for the New Haven Green in years past stopped by and asked her if she’d consider donating her tree and she agreed.

Crews then spent weeks in November trimming the tree, then tying up the branches.

“We’re all pretty excited with this kind of neighborhood tree,” Strickland said.

Then came the big moment. The tree is cut as a large crane lifted it up. Strickland, some neighbors, and workers watched at the 34-year-old tree was then hoisted onto a flatbed truck, secured, then began its journey to the New Haven Green.

“I’m excited it’s going to the New Haven Green. I’ve worked in New Haven since ’99. It’s a wonderful time of the year,” Strickland said. “It’s just such a beautiful tree and to actually see it get fully decorated and be someplace where people can enjoy it, I’m just, I’m very proud, I’m very excited.”

Once at the green, the Strickland’s tree was hoisted off the truck, put into a deep hole, and secured into place, ready for its 50,000 lights.

The Strickland’s will get a replacement tree of their choice next fall.