ANSONIA, Conn. (WTNH) – Many gathered for a benefit concert at a church to raise money for Ukraine Sunday afternoon. 

A group of local musical artists and poets came together for a fundraiser at the Church of the Assumption. All of the proceeds are going to World Central Kitchen teams in Ukraine. 

World Central Kitchen provides fresh meals to communities in need. Currently, teams are getting meals and food kits to vulnerable families in the eastern part of the country. 

“Ukraine still needs so much help, and it’s not just in terms of military aid, it’s also food,” said Marika Kuzma, choral director and the organizer of the event. “A lot of times with this war going on, it seems like sometimes people in America are losing interest. They call it Ukraine fatigue and to see the support is very wonderful.”

Paul Winter, a famous new-age and jazz musician, awed the crowd from the balcony. 

“It’s been incredibly moving, hearing the Ukranian melodies and the timeliness of it all has been incredibly stirring and resonating,” said Lillian Cohen from North Haven. 

Most of the choir, local singers brought together by Kuzma, learned how to sing in Ukrainian in less than a day. Kuzma has family from Ukraine. She was blown away by the support from fellow artists and the community. 

“It’s very supportive to feel Paul Winter and his musicians joining up with us. It makes us feel like we’re not alone,” she said. “The vibe of the room feels like ‘oh my gosh these are my brothers and sisters.'” 

To get a ticket to the event, attendees had to make a donation of any size. Kuzma said the event raised $10,000 in donations.