NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Some watch to see who wins, while others watch just to see what people are wearing.

Neville Wisdom, local fashion designer, and his in-house stylist, Lauren Sprague, joined Good Morning Connecticut Monday to talk all about the fashion hits and misses from Sunday night’s Academy Awards ceremony.

When asked who they thought was the best dressed person of the night, Wisdom and Sprague said there were a lot of great looks, but overall the winner had to be Alicia Vikander.

“There was a lot of wonderful looks, but we were really surprised and happy to see Alicia Vikander in the yellow Louis Vuitton,” Sprague said. “I liked that it had a vintage old Hollywood feel with the silhouette of the dress, but then she pulled off a hairstyle similar to what I’m wearing that’s very narrow with the half-up little bun, and then a kind of wavy feel.”

Charlize Theron always impresses with her fashion choices, and Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony was no exception.

“I love the long neck line,” Sprague said. “I just thought it flowed beautifully. It was really effortless.”

Wisdom echoed Sprague’s comments on Theron’s look.

“It’s amazing,” Wisdom said. “The fit of the dress is so gorgeous.”

Lady Gaga has made some very bold, yet unique choices for outfits in the past, but on Oscar Sunday she was one of the best dressed.

“Her outfit was really different, with the pants part of it giving it a different edge,” said Wisdom. “She always looks really great. She always wears interesting clothes, but she pulls it off.”

As for the men, Pharrell Williams was looking sharp for the Oscars.

“Always cool,” Wisdom said. “Just always looks great. Really cool vibe. Loved his hair, [with] the color change, and the fact that his pants were rolled up. His designer is one of my favorite designers, Albert Alvarez. He looked really awesome.”

Jared Leto had a unique look by using a flower where a bow-tie would normally be.

“Guys don’t really have a lot going on for them,” said Wisdom. “There’s not much they can do with a tuxedo. This was a great look because he pulled it off. He had the red piping around the lapels, he had the stripe down the side of the pants, and then instead of a typical bow-tie it was like a nice little red pop with a flower there; and it fits really great too. The tailoring was right on point with him, and it was easy. He was relaxed .”

Back to the ladies, and Rooney Mara also impressed on Oscar night.

“I love that it had a bridal feel to it,” Sprague said. “The tiny diamonds around the chest, the cutout, which we’ve seen as a huge trend, but it was a different cutout. It wasn’t predictable, and it didn’t look too sexy. It was just interesting.” Wisdom described it as “stunning”.

Rachel McAdams looked radiant in a green dress Sunday night.

“[She] had that really effortless 90s vibe,” said Sprague. “Shift dress, that falls like a slip. That’s a huge trend right now, and then the high neckline, and the big slit is always in. People love to show leg on the red carpet.”

“It’s just really killer,” Wisdom said. “It flowed so effortlessly. It just flowed on her body, and I as a designer love the idea of fabric and this just fit her so well.”

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