(WTNH) — Olivia Porretta is a 17-year-old animator from Westport, Connecticut.

This Staples High School junior’s video called “Wise on the Web” was selected to be featured on the national platform of AMAZE.org.

AMAZE’s mission, is to teach 10 to 14 year olds about life through animation. Topics include sex ed, relationships and how to stay safe on the internet in these times of cyber-bullying and sexting. All things young kids are exposed to.

“Sometimes animation can communicate really deep messages and really empowering messages. I hope I can communicate positive messages through animation for young people because with animation that was my anchor in middle school. I got bullied, I got teased, but I always went back and I watched the latest episode of Adventure Time on cartoon network, that was a real great thing for me cause it had a positive message to it and had really great stories. That’s what animation is for people who feel isolated and a little confused, but there’s simple powerful messages it can convey,” said Porretta.

Olivia is quite a role model. To check out her video, click here. The site is a great tool for parents and teachers.