Want fresh farm eggs without the hassle of owning a chicken? Turns out you can rent a chicken in Connecticut. News 8’s Alyssa Taglia has the story. 

You’ve heard of farm to table but  what about yard to table? That’s the goal of Rent The Chicken, a Pennsylvania-based company that’s now spreading its wings here to Connecticut

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“When we saw that folks were curious about where their food was coming from, we thought, ‘Well why not bring it off the farm and into peoples backyards?’, says Ida DeFrancesco, owner of Rent The Chicken. “Rent The Chicken is where you get to have the experience of having back yard chicken and get to have the experience of growing and having eggs in your backyard.”

In April or May, the chicken would be delivered to you. You would then take care of her for around 6 months and come October, Rent The Chicken would pick her back up and care for her throughout the winter. Don’t worry – if at any time you want to chicken out, you can always return her. 

Ida and Joe Defrancesco, operate Rent The Chicken out of their farm stand, Farmer Joe’s Gardens in Wallingford. They offer a variety of packages ranging in price from $450 to $850.

“The most limited package starts with two birds, but it comes with all the food for your 6 month rental. It comes with a safe coop,” says Ida. 

Alyssa: So if I’m a renter, and I have two hens, how many eggs can I expect in a week?

Joe DeFrancesco: It would be 8 – 14 in a week. We figured you get your dozen a week. 

Don’t think want to give up the fresh eggs for the other 6 months out of the year?

“If you really love the girls you can adopt them and keep them over the winter and we continue to support you so you know what you’re up for and how to care. We want to make sure its the experience that you want.”