NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — For most Britons, Queen Elizabeth the second is the only monarch they’ve ever known. News 8 spoke to a woman from Britain who said Elizabeth made a lasting impact on her life. 

Outside Jane Barter’s home, the UK and England flags hang in mourning of Queen Elizabeth II. 

“I do not think there will be anyone else like her ever in history,” she said. “I looked upon her as a member of my family and I think many people feel that way, especially if you’re from the United Kingdom and Britain.”

Barter lives in West Hartford but grew up in a small village outside of Wimbledon. As she looked at the mementos of the royal family she collected over the years, she thought about Elizabeth’s time as queen. 

“At 25 years old, to be able to govern every single day of your life for 70 years, you have to be tremendously dedicated. You have to love your country and love the people.”

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Barter was in England earlier this year and celebrated the queen’s platinum jubilee. 

“There were street parties, just like as I remember as a kid celebrating the silver jubilee which was her 25th. I think I was 12 years old, it brought back memories of that. Everybody was so patriotic. There wasn’t a house without a flag, and everybody was just so happy. I will definitely treasure those moments.”

While it is a very sad day across the world, Barter says it is a proud day to be British, celebrating the life of a remarkable woman.  

“The fact that she ruled up pretty much the day before she passed away is absolutely miraculous,” she said.