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Looking for a workout to go to that fits your schedule?


When you walk into 9Round, there’s not a lot of waiting around.

“You are never late for a class. When you walk in, as soon as the next round starts, your trainer is going to get you into one of the rounds,” says Shaun Berner.   

The trainer takes you through a 30 minute kickboxing circuit workout.  

He says, “You are never going to have to know what to do because as soon as you walk in, the trainer is going to take over for you.  And every time you come in here, you’ll get a trainer to work you out of those 30 minutes.”

Berner and wife, Tina Valaouras, own three locations – in Branford, North Branford and Wallingford.

Another plus this that, while the focus is on core, strength, resistance and cardio, every session is different. 

“We always want to attack the body in different ways. You don’t want to do the same things over and over again because, at that point, your body could plateau and you might have some struggles to meet your fitness goals,” says Berner. 

You’re also closely monitored. 

Valaouras says, “There’s a timer on the wall. When the light is green, that means the round has begun. When it goes to yellow, there’s 30 seconds. That’s their burnout. That’s when we’re going to push them to their max. Then it will go to red and the trainer will call out an active rest exercise.”

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A pulse heart training system helps to keep things effective and efficient.   

“It’s actually a strap that goes under the chest,”explains Valaouras, “And we actually monitor the calories that are being burned and the zones they are working in.” 

Don Cappelli has been coming here since the doors opened. He explains, “I’m a really busy guy, so I’m 30 minutes in and out.” 

When asked what the toughest challenge was, he responds, “Getting here sometimes when you have a busy life. I’m a firefighter in North Branford and it’s really important for me to keep in shape.”

All the sweat is paying off.

Cappelli adds, “Stamina, less back pain, just a better overall fitness level.” 

The revolving rounds are perfect for pediatrician Dr. Seun Adekanye. He says, “I love boxing, I love kicking, so it just works for me.”  

He adds, “Being able to have good endurance, good speed also definitely for me as well. Also, health as well, making sure my heart is healthy and making sure I’m pretty healthy overall.”

Healthy and happy.

“My wife always encourages me to come here and work out because I’m always a happy person when I do it at home,” says Dr. Adekanye laughingly.

And the first workout is free.

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