BRISTOL, Conn. (WTNH) – Bristol police are investigating an incident after a man allegedly asked students at a bus stop if they would like a ride to school and recorded the interaction on Tuesday morning.

According to the police, the man then went to Bristol Central High School where he spoke to the School Resource Officer. He told the officer he was interested in starting a company to give rides to school students and was curious about how to go about it, police said.

As the man was leaving the school property, he was stopped by additional Bristol police officers, who were still investigating the original complaint.

The man showed the cell phone video to the police, which only showed his own face, and that he did not attempt to coerce anyone into his car, police said.

The man was identified and told that his actions were concerning students, faculty and law enforcement officials.

He was told not to approach students in the future and follow the appropriate channels for his business plan, police said.

2 Plymouth educators charged with failing to report abuse appear in court.

Word spread quickly in this Bristol neighborhood after the middle school students were approached by a man at their bus stop in the area of Judson Avenue.

Bristol’s superintendent alerted parents of the incident, in a statement issued below:

“The individual reportedly took pictures of the students and offered to take them to school. The students immediately reported this incident to a trusted adult, who then notified the Bristol Police Department,” said Catherine M. Carbone Superintendent.

Bristol police said there is no ongoing threat to the public and that no arrest was made.