NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A 30-year-old man died three days after he was shot in New Haven last Wednesday, marking the city’s third homicide of the year.

New Haven police are investigating seven homicides in five weeks, including four in December and three in January. New Haven Police Chief Karl Jacobson said everyone needs to take responsibility and take action.

“We know the strategies we use do work, but we need to add to them,” he said.

New Haven’s homicide numbers in 2022 attest to that – cutting the amount nearly in half compared to 2021.

Jacobson told News 8 that the department will continue to build on social programs to target people coming out of jail or on parole to help them find a better path and message people at risk of committing or becoming victims of a violent crime. But, the chief said they can’t do it alone.

“We just need more community help,” Jacobson said. “There has to become a place where police not only have to take responsibility, but the community does as well.”

“It affects all of us,” Rev. Boise Kimber of the First Calvary Baptist Church in New Haven said. “We as a community have to become more vigilant.”

The first homicide in 2023 happened just hours into the new year on Grand Avenue between Poplar Street and Blatchley Avenue. Police said 23-year-old Dontae Myers was shot and later died at the hospital.

Three days later, on Jan. 4, 30-year-old Kentel Robinson was shot on Chapel Street near Beers and Orchard streets. He succumbed to his injuries three days later at the hospital.

Two days after that shooting, on Jan. 6, 41-year-old Charles Miller was shot and killed at the New Haven Inn on Pond Lily Avenue.

Kimber is calling a meeting with police and lawmakers to take action at the state level.

“We can come together to draft some legislation to stiff gun control,” Kimber said. “We must approach gun violence as a public health issue. It is an emergency issue.”

New Haven police believe these three deadly shootings were targeted. No suspects have been arrested, but police said arrests are coming soon.

Investigators ask anyone with any information on the cases to call the New Haven Police Department at 203-946-6304.