EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The East Haven shoreline is still dealing with the remnants of last week’s storm.

“It’s definitely the worst flooding since Superstorm Sandy that we’ve had down here in the last 5 years or so,” said Dave Levendusky of East Haven.

“You know at first I was thinking, ‘Well, the wind’s not coming out of the east. Maybe it’s going to be a little different.’ When all of a sudden within 15 minutes it just flooded like that,” noted Levendusky.

Three days later, we have tidal flooding happening along the Connecticut shoreline. Now, more rough weather is coming in on Wednesday and it might have you wondering what on Earth is going on to make it such a busy pattern!Related Content: Northeast braces for 2nd storm in a week as other countries endure extreme weather

Over at Goody’s Hardware in East Haven, folks are already coming out to gear up for the next storm system on the way.

David Katz, owner of Goody’s Hardware, said, “Friday was a ton of generators, ton of sump pumps. Today, people are buying some shovels, some ice melt. They’re buying everything at one time which is really weird to see that, but it’s New England, that’s what we do. It’s March in New England.”

And March is coming in like a lion, so why is that happening?

Blame the change in seasons and a blocking pattern all the way up in Greenland for this one. To our north, there is lots of cold in Canada. To our south, plenty of warmth and plenty of moisture. This is the recipe that makes March so busy for storms. That’s why we have seen big wind storms, plenty of snow, and plenty of messy weather.Related Content: Push is on to restore power with a 2nd storm on the way

In the case of the next 10 days, that recipe will be making repeated storms that could get steered in our direction. Until then, don’t write winter off yet!

Mary Regan of New Haven responded, “It’s never too late to buy another snow brush for your car. I’m waiting for the giant ice storm or the foot of snow that we might get in March…or April!”

I guess time will tell!