Master Yu of Yu's Martial Arts Studio Reflects on North Korean Escalation


He has one daughter who is now a Doctor and went to Harvard, a son to Brown University and another who graduated from West Point.

Grandmaster Yu of Yu Martial Arts in Canton, Connecticut has worked hard for and found success in the United States.

He has been teaching martial arts in Connecticut for 41 years, exceptional for any business.

When he was very young, his family fled North Korea.

"My parents wanted to live in South Korea, so they crossed the border to the South," said Yu.

Escaping to a better life, Yu became a national Judo champion, then moved to the U.S to teach what he loved.

Yu still has family living in Seoul, South Korea.

They are well within range of the North Korea's enormous weapons and missile arsenal.

He hopes the North Korean leader and regime will change its way.

"I hope they understand what the whole world wants, I hope they follow peacefully," said Yu.

From his martial arts studio in Canton, students are taught lessons that leaders of all nations threatening war could glean wisdom from.

"I teach self-defense, it means not offense and not attack other people," said Yu,

"I teach my students, the best defense is to move away.....possibly don't fight, Yu explained.

One of the most valuable lessons learned for manager and instructor Mikael Anderson after 30 years at Yu's studio is awareness of what's happening around him.

"As in a similar fashion as a country we should be aware of our surroundings as well," said Anderson.

Understanding the real threats to our nations and others, and our role in it all.

"What we do has a ripple effect around the world," said Anderson.


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