‘Me Too,’ ‘Time’s Up’ movements dominate award season

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(ABC)– This award season has been dominated by the conversation around abuse of power, sexual misconduct and gender equality. Celebrities have openly supported movements like “Me Too” and “Time’s Up” on the red carpet.

Long before it was a movement backed by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, there was Tarana Burke.

“I wanted it to be a household name for survivors. I didn’t think it would be known across the world,” said Burke,”Me Too” Movement Founder. “Me too was born out of necessity out of a need to do something and give these girls something.”

Her work with survivors of sexual assault started way before the days of social media. Nearly a decade ago, she started “Me Too” as a part of her work with Just Be Inc.,a program she started for young girls of color

But it was one tweet by actress Alyssa Milano that set the movement on fire.

“How did you react? Was it a yes finally or what a minute this wasn’t what I intended?” asked Danya Bacchus, ABC News Los Angeles.

“It was definitely a “wait a minute.” I thought this was something that would get lost, like the origin of it,” said Burke.

In the wake of allegations against disgraces movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, the “Me Too” hashtag went viral on social media. And this awards season, celebrities have recognized the movement and her as the creator.

She was invited to the Golden Globes by Michelle Williams but when it comes to what could happen at the Oscars Sunday…

“I haven’t heard there was going to be some big surprise and if there was I couldn’t tell anyway,” said Burke.

Burke says her rise in popularity isn’t a big deal. She’s focused on continuing to be an advocate for survivors and moving the conversation around sexual assault forward.

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