Med students meet middle schoolers in a unique learning environment. A faith-based middle school provides a tuition-free education for students in low income families. It’s the kind of program that’s aligned with its mission–students that are superstars.

When Quinnipiac University medical students come by for Science Friday, students listen.

Lessons from the future doctors include skeleton systems, chemical reactions and more.

The Frank Netter School of Medicine students are some of the best in the nation. At St. Martin De Porres Academy in New Haven, they have 10 hour school days and go 11 months a year. It’s a commitment that truly pays off.

“I go talk to medical school students and I want you to bring your love and your passion to ignite our middle school kids,” said Principal Kevin O’Leary.

“They help me with my confidence and how intelligent I’m getting and stuff,” said eighth grader Andrew Lazzare.

“One of the things I want to do is I want to go into pediatrics. So getting to work with kids and get to know them – its a really unique experience that you don’t get anywhere else,” said QU medical student Jason Karimy.

In science, it’s called a symbiotic relationship: students helping students.