AVON, Conn. (WTNH) – The growing trend of personalized medicine- treatment based on your DNA.

A saliva sample sent off in this test tube for DNA sequencing, unlocked all kinds of things going on with Linda Palano-Schilling.

“I was exercising three hours a day and I was gaining weight,” Linda explained.

She came to Whole Health Associates which offers personalized or precision medicine.

Dr. Jennifer Stagg is a naturopathic physician, “Precision medicine is using genomic sequencing to target and customize treatment plans for individual needs of a patient.”

For patients like Linda.

Dr. Stagg said, “We’re putting together 75 different genes variance – within a gene related to fitness and nutrition so we can customize a lifestyle plan based off of that test.”

Linda has lost 20 pounds in 10 and a half weeks.

“No wheat,” said Linda, “Limited dairy, no red meat. I was really doubtful but I felt like I had nowhere else to turn.”

Heather Carroll had digestive issues.

“I’ve been feeling so much better,” said Heather, “I would get stomach pain from starch, potato, rice and corn.”

She submitted a stool sample for genomic sequencing, to find out what was going on in her intestines.

“The bacterial balance in your gut,” said Dr. Staff, “Can be responsible for that and this way we can really look at what it is and target the probiotic therapy.”

Heather said, “My family is planning a trip this summer and I really wanted to travel and eat out like regular people do.”

With technology in place for easy access to the human genome, experts say precision medicine could lead to overall medical care, based on a person’s own DNA.

Earlier this year, President Obama proposed investing 215 million in researching personalized medicine.

Experts say it could have a big impact on the health and life expectancy of Americans.