Members of congress looking to restore net neutrality regulations


It’s something that affects how all of us surf the web — Net neutrality, the idea that internet companies should not be able to speed up or slow down our access to certain content. 

The regulations were thrown out by the Trump Administration, making companies free to do what they want, but Democrats are fighting to bring them back.

“It’s the wild, wild West right now.” Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Doyle (D) said that’s the current state of the internet for consumers after the Trump Administration repealed net neutrality rules and didn’t replace them with anything. 

Congressman Doyle said, “There’s nothing to stop an ISP from behaving badly.” 

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Congressman Doyle is the lead sponsor of the Save the Internet Act. The bill would restore protections for consumers online.

“No blocking, no throttling, no paid prioritization, but more importantly we put a cop on the beat for future behavior that we don’t even know about yet. No unjust, unreasonable or discriminatory behavior,” Congressman Doyle said. He states that’s what consumers want. 

Congressman Doyle added, “They were horrified when the rules were thrown out they didn’t want to go back to the days where ISP’s could do anything they wanted and consumers really had little recourse so they wanted some rules restored.”

New York Congressman Joe Morelle (D) said 86 percent of Americans oppose the FCC‘s rollback of net neutrality protections.

Congressman Morelle said, “Harm the ability of every American to experience the internet in the same way.”

House Republicans said the Internet has done just fine without government regulation and Congress should stay out the way.

Georgia Congressman Rob Woodall (R) said, “If it is in need of saving it’s certainly not in need of saving from this institution.” Congressman Woodall added, “I oppose the legislation I hope my other colleagues will as well.”

President Trump has already threatened to veto the bill if it reaches his desk. 

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