MERIDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Perrie Mason’s death shocked the Meriden community. Last month, the mother of two boys first went missing, then police discovered her remains at a Waterbury recycling facility where her boyfriend, Jason Watson works.

Watson has not been charged with her murder, but he was arrested on domestic violence charges. The judge in the case saying in court he believes Watson is the prime suspect in Mason’s death, but police have not charged him with murder.

The fundraiser Saturday was held at Maloney’s Pub. Mason’s father, Devictor Mason, flew in from Asia to attend the fundraiser before flying to Seattle for Perrie Mason’s funeral on Monday (Perrie’s elderly mother lives in Seattle).

“I’m surprised,” Devictor said. “All these people showing up for my daughter…she meant something, she was loved.”

“I have no words to express my thanks to the Meriden community,” he said.

Devictor tells News8 it’s been a difficult time since his daughter’s death last month but, since being in Meriden, his spirits have been brightened because of the support of the community.

There’s no word how much the fundraiser has raised. Money was being collected to help her sister try to gain custody of Perrie’s two boys, who are now in state custody.

Devictor tells News8 he hopes his daughter did not die in vain. He has this message to others when it comes to domestic violence:

“If you have a girlfriend or a best friend or a guy they’re telling you about some abuse, don’t keep it a secret,” he said. “Tell somebody, make something happen right now before it’s too late.”