Minority voters may fuel blue wave during midterms


There’s been plenty of talk about a blue wave, but Howard University Professor Michael Fauntroy says you can’t have that without minority voters.

“The results from this election, whether it’s blue or not, I think is almost entirely a function of what happens in these communities around the country,” he says.

Holli Holiday with the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation says black voters will be out in force. 

“We’re voting basically because our lives depend on it,” she states.

Holliday says the African American vote is critical to the blue wave — but she says their votes aren’t about supporting Democrats, but rather, themselves.

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“We’re voting to make sure that we can have quality accessible health care in our communities. We’re voting because we want to make sure that the criminal justice system continues to be fixed, repaired and addressed,” she adds.

Former chair of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele says the minority vote will favor the Democrats.

“With Donald Trump spewing the kind of rhetoric that he spews, it’s going to be hard to galvanize women, minorities and others to be on board,” he explains.

Steele says specific populations could have a heavy impact Tuesday.

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