Mother: Father kidnapped daughter, took her to Russia


GREENWICH, Conn. (WTNH)–A Greenwich mother has been working around the clock to get her seven year-old daughter home safely from Russia.

Katerina Hramovich tells News 8 that her ex-husband, Ruslan Usmanova, took their daughter Alina to Russia just over a week ago without her consent. Hramovich says Greenwich Police got in touch with her Tuesday night saying her ex reached out to his Greenwich landlord letting him know he’s not returning

On June 15th, Hramovich thought her daughter was at school in Greenwich. That morning, her world was turned upside down. “I got a call that Alina didn’t show up and I called my ex-husband right away to find out where she is and Alina picked up the phone and told me she’s in Russia,” said Hramovich.

She says the conversation got even more frightening when Alina kept hanging up. She told me, “Daddy’s coming, Daddy’s coming.”

Katerina immediately started calling everyone she could think of and went to the Greenwich Police. They were able to confirm her ex-husband did in fact take Alina to Russia. She says, “He went to the Russian embassy and got her a Russian passport without my consent.”

Hramovich showed News 8 there were previous protective orders in place and Usmanova was even arrested at one point. She says, “He’s choked me, he kicked her.”

Right now, Katerina has primary residential custody and her ex has supervised visitation. She says recently that changed in a verbal agreement. “The therapist recommended to increase the time. I want her to have a father.” She says what she doesn’t want is a father who she feels plotted to kidnap their daughter and take her to Russia where has a lot of family and friends.”

After a few days of silence, Hramovich says she got an email from Usmanova saying he and Alina are in Russia and will be going to Uzbekistan. Since then, he hasn’t responded to any of her calls or emails. “Over there, there is nobody to protect her. I’m afraid because he’s unpredictable,” said Hramovich.

Hramovich says people like Senator Richard Blumenthal are giving her hope that her daughter will return to the US safely. News 8 spoke with Senator Blumenthal Tuesday. He says he’s contacted all authorities and added, “We may face an uphill battle because Russia has no respect for rule of law, but we’re going to do everything possible.”

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