TRUMBULL, Conn. (WTNH) — Muslim families in Trumbull are leading the charge to make Eid-Al-Fitr an observed holiday in the town’s school district.

Eid-Al-Fitr comes after the thirty days of fasting in Ramadan. Right now it’s an observed holiday in Bridgeport and Fairfield. The town of Hamden also recently decided to make Eid-Al-Fitr an official school holiday, starting this year.

Mehreen Seyal, a mother from Trumbull is passionate about this cause. Seyal is a member of the Bridgeport Islamic Community Center.

Seyal said the Muslim population in Trumbull has gotten larger. She estimates there are about 300 Muslim students in the Trumbull School District as of this time.

Her son, Musa-Ali Ahmed, goes to Middlebrook elementary in Trumbull schools, where Eid-Al-Fitr is not an observed holiday.

“All my Christian and Jewish friends have the day off so I would like to have the day off too because I want to celebrate my holiday,” said Ahmad, a third-grade student at Middlebrook Elementary School.

Trumbull woman Uswah Khan said she thinks it would make Muslim American students feel included.

“My faith and tradition are who I am, it’s who I was born and brought up to be. It’s just something that gives me meaning to what I do in life, and to where I am going to go after I die,” said Khan.

Seyal is ready to take a small step toward a big move.

“I think holidays themselves began they started off as a reflection of our community and as a Muslim American I want it to defect that in the calendar as well,” said Seyal.

Ahmad said he is looking forward to a future where he will be able to see Eid-Al-Fitr written on the calendar.

“I wouldn’t have to miss school and I would get to go do my prayer,” said Ahmad.

News 8 reached out to the Superintendent of the Trumbull Public School District and is waiting to hear back.