2018 Year in Review: Viral Stories


Trending stories. They come and go, but some have a lasting impact.

Let’s wrap up some of the year’s biggest … Do you hear it? Do you?… Wait … What do you hear? Exactly.

The fact that nobody really knows was the fuel that propelled this bizarre audio recording to viral stardom.

Is it laurel or yanny?– depending on the pitch of the audio recording, opinions varied.

That no one could agree made it, basically 2018’s “blue-gold dress”.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, for these, it was more like thousands of tweets!

In February, Michelle and Barack Obama both had paintings unveiled for the National Portrait Gallery. The former First Lady’s was met mostly with praise, with one little girl’s awestruck reaction going viral; but it was the former President’s likeness shrouded in greenery that incited a meme explosion.

Twitter outdid itself with endless renditions of artist Kehinde Wiley’s vision. It just proves if you give the internet something nice…You can expect something snarky in return.

They say one man’s trash is another’s treasure, Well in 2018, a treasure was literally trashed by its creator for all to see.

At a London auction, iconic artist Banksy’s latest work nabbed an impressive $1.4 million; and then, without warning, promptly self destructed in front of everyone. The whole thing turned out to be a stunt, orchestrated by Banksy himself, who built a paper shredder into the artwork’s frame and had a cohort trigger it on site. The art world was nevertheless stunned by the oh-so-unique and oh-so-Banksy performance.

Let’s face it — this duck is hot … And he knows it… And now, so does the whole world.

#hotduck, the colorful mandarin was first spotted in New York’s Central Park and became on overnight sensation with pics popping up all over the internet — on t-shirts …even on … Dogs?

NY magazine called him “New York’s most eligible bachelor”. Fans flocked to catch a glimpse of the dazzling duck locals call “Mandi”, but the internet dubbed #hotduck.

If you’re a gamer or you know a gamer, then you’ve probably heard the name Fortnite. The online multiplayer shoot-em-up was the game to play in 2018.

How popular was it? Consider this … A version of the game is actually free to download. However, in April alone, in-game purchases, like extra outfits and weapons totaled nearly $300 million.

But, because we can’t have nice things …

Fan fervor led to things like schools banning the game, player threats, scams and arrests

Sigh …these kids today.

A tiny raccoon’s epic journey to the top of a minnesota skyscraper …

Became a viral sensation in 2018

The critter was spotted scaling ubs tower — one of st. Paul’s tallest buildings

The little daredevil stopped short of the top — taking a siesta outside the 23rd floor

While the raccoon rested, the internet went bananas

In no time, the furry free-climber’s story was a top trending twitter topic

Later that night, the raccoon made it to the top…

Where animal control officials were waiting to trap, feed and safely relocate …

The furry little hero that 2018 needed, but didn’t deserve.

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