Alaska man survives in the wilderness for weeks after cabin burns down in the night


ALASKA (WTNH) — An Alaskan man found himself in the fight of his life and came out to tell his story.

Tyson Steele survived more than 20 days in the Alaskan wilderness.

The frightening ordeal began when he woke up to find the roof of his cabin on fire during a frigid night. He survived by using debris from his cabin to build a make-shift shelter, and by eating the little food he had managed to salvage.

“I was grateful that all my bullets blew up, because that could have been a temptation … to be like ‘I’m not gonna make it,’ I’d put myself out, right? That’s a very real thought that crept up almost daily, especially on real cold nights.”

– Tyson Steele, survivor

Steele says he doesn’t consider himself an outdoorsman, but his upbringing gave him the valuable experience he needed to survive.

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