RACELAND, LA (WTNH) — Eversource left last week to help down south after Hurricane Ida.

Connecticut Eversource crews are helping out in Raceland. They say that’s Ground Zero where the storm hit.

Crews say it took them 13-16 hours to get to Louisiana on Monday.

The town saw winds 100 miles per hour or greater and gusts measuring 207 mph. Crews say the storm was nothing like storms seen here in Connecticut.

Jason Rustic with Eversource told News 8, “Like no other storm in Connecticut or Florida. I’ve never seen anything as bad as this. You’re driving down roads and literally have to swerve and make ‘S’ turns all the way through to get to where we’re staying just to avoid wires on the ground, poles leaning.”

Tom Loveless, Eversource overhead supervisor, added, “At this point, there’s no infrastructure to repair. It’s just establishing new infrastructure so it’s just going right from the base source which is the substation. So it’s just building it all out and making it new.”

Eversource says they’re working to repair poles, remove trees, and help with anything else the state may need.