WASHINGTON D.C. (ABC/WTNH) — President Trump is responding tonight after history was made in Washington D.C. The House Democrats unveiled two article of impeachment against him.

In a rare move, Congress deployed its most powerful tool under the constitution.

House members are going forward with charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the helm of the announcement Tuesday stating the President “betrayed the nation in relation to his interactions with Ukraine.”

The announcement a culmination of a months-long, in-depth investigation into the president’s efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate his potential 2020 political rival, Joe Biden, and his son Hunter— as well as the 2016 election.

Congressman Adam Schiff invoking the framers of the country at this history moment.

“The framers of the Constitution recognized that someday a president might come to office who would abuse that office, betray the public trust, and undermine national security to secure foreign help in his reelection.”

– Congressman Adam Schiff

House Republicans are accusing Democrats of moving too quickly throughout the process, claiming they have no solid evidence against the president.

Minority leader Kevin McCarthy swiftly criticized his democratic colleagues for what he says is their attempt to over turn the 2016 election.

“It is not difficult to defend this president, because this president did nothing that’s impeachable. It’s hard to defend Democrats on how they’re running this house.”

– Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

And in a key battleground state, Pennsylvania, Vice President Mike Pence railed against the impeachment inquiry and called for four more years of the Trump in the White House.

“What’s happening in Washington DC today is a disgrace. It’s nothing short of a partisan impeachment.

– Vice President Michael Pence

Trump himself firing back in his usual way, in a rally, Tuesday claiming that the “radical left” wants to “erase your votes.”

“The radical left democrats and the failed Washington establishment are trying to erase your votes, nullify the election and overthrow our democracy. It’s not gonna happen, don’t worry about it.”

– President Donald Trump

The House Judiciary committee is expected to take the articles up for debate and approval as soon as this Thursday, setting the stage for Trump’s likely impeachment before the years end.

Now, state leaders are reacting to this next step taken by House Democrats.

Senator Richard Blumenthal took to twitter saying that the actions of the House Democrats was necessary and that “inaction means the dire danger to our democratic institutions, elections, and national security will continue.”

News 8 spoke to an expert from the University of New Haven who walked us through next steps in the process and what it will look like before the impeachment articles come in contact with the Senate.

“If those pass, it’ll go on to the Senate, and they’ll have a trial on the Senate.

Mitch McConnell, who is the majority leader Republican in the Senate, has said that they’re not going to do this trial before Christmas, so it’ll probably be sometime in January when the full hundred senators will conduct a trial on those two charges, the abuse of power, and obstruction of congress.”

– Chris Haynes, Associate Professor of Political Science and National Security, University of New Haven

House Democrats will need around 217 votes to pass each article. If they pass, Speaker Nancy Pelosi will formally send the articles to the Senate for a January trial.